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Discrete Fracture Network Modeling and Simulation of Subsurface Transport for the Topopah Springs and Lava Flow Aquifers at Pahute Mesa, FY 15 Progress Report [科技报告]
10.2172/1330071. 2016
Makedonska, Nataliia;  Kwicklis, Edward Michael;  Birdsell, Kay Hanson;  Harrod, Jeremy Ashcraft;  Karra, Satish
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Student Summary of the U.S. Department of Energy Portsmouth Annual Site Environmental Report (ASER) for 2013 [科技报告]
10.2172/1327856. 2016
Bryant, Shea;  Develin, Thomas;  Flores, Victor;  Gilbert, Tyler;  Heigley, Madison;  Johnson, Hayden;  Jones, Larry;  Keechle, Autumn;  Kelley, Abe;  Kritzwiser, Branson;  Lawless, Paige;  Montgomery, Nikki;  Newland, Dawndra;  Noble, Jeff;  Parsons, Abigail;  Riffe, Courtney;  Trego, Andrew;  Wicker, Drake
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Underground Test Area Activity Communication/Interface Plan, Nevada National Security Site, Nevada, Revision 0 [科技报告]
10.2172/1329470. 2016
Farnham, Irene;  Rehfeldt, Kenneth
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Underground Test Area Activity Preemptive Review Guidance Nevada National Security Site, Nevada, Revision 0 [科技报告]
10.2172/1329469. 2016
Farnham, Irene;  Rehfeldt, Kenneth
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Natural Resource Management Plan [科技报告]
10.2172/1326762. 2016
Green, T.;  Schwager, K.
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Solid State Characterizations of Long-Term Leached Cast Stone Monoliths [科技报告]
10.2172/1328842. 2016
Asmussen, Robert M.;  Pearce, Carolyn I.;  Parker, Kent E.;  Miller, Brian W.;  Lee, Brady D.;  Buck, Edgar C.;  Washton, Nancy M.;  Bowden, Mark E.;  Lawter, Amanda R.;  McElroy, Erin M.;  Serne, R. Jeffrey
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Final Technical Report for "Reducing tropical precipitation biases in CESM" [科技报告]
10.2172/1326797. 2016
Larson, Vincent
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Interactive Correlation Analysis and Visualization of Climate Data [科技报告]
10.2172/1325752. 2016
Ma, Kwan-Liu (ORCID:0000000180860366)
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Final Technical Report [科技报告]
10.2172/1325112. 2016
Held, Isaac;  V. Balaji;  Fueglistaler, Stephan
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West Valley Demonstration Project Annual Site Environmental Report (ASER) for Calendar Year 2015 [科技报告]
10.2172/1324678. 2016
Rendall, John D.;  Steiner, Alison F.;  Pendl, Michael P.;  Biedermann, Charles A.;  Steiner, II, Robert E.;  Fox, James R.;  Hoch, Jerald J.;  Wrotniak, Chester M.;  Werchowski, Rebecca L.
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