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Blitz on illegal fishing for Bank Holiday Weekend
Created time:2018-05-15

Blitz on illegal fishing for Bank Holiday Weekend

Environment Agency enforcement officers will be patrolling waters throughout England this Bank Holiday weekend as part of a blitz on illegal fishing.

Environment Agency enforcement officer
Environment Agency enforcement officer

The officers will work with the police and Angling Trust Voluntary Bailiffs to make sure anyone fishing is obeying the law including fishing in waters that are open to anglers, using the right tackle and equipment, and having a valid fishing licence.

Bank Holiday weekends are a great opportunity for families to get out and do some fishing on our waterways and the Environment Agency is keen to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves and doing the right thing.

Kevin Austin, Deputy Director Agriculture, Fisheries and the Natural Environment, Environment Agency said:

The Environment Agency conducts enforcement operations throughout the year to protect fish stocks and improve fisheries.

Our enforcement officers, Angling Trust Voluntary Bailiffs and police are out there to make sure everyone is fishing legally this weekend. Anyone caught can expect to face prosecution.

Our work is intelligence-led, meaning we target known hotspots and act on reports of illegal fishing.

Is your local fishing spot open for fishing?

Anglers are reminded that it is currently the closed season for coarse fishing and fishing for coarse fish on rivers and streams is not permitted.

This is done to protect breeding fish, helping to safeguard stocks for the future. However, there are still plenty of places anglers can wet a line.

Anglers are encouraged to check which waterways are open to fishing. They can visit fishinginfoto find more information.

There are nearly 500 Angling Trust Voluntary Bailiffs doing a great job keeping watch on their local rivers and working alongside local police. However, the Environment agency is also asking the public to report any suspicious activity.

Money from rod licence sales is invested in England’s fisheries, and is used to fund a wide range of projects to improve facilities for anglers including; protecting stocks, restoring fish stocks through restocking, eradicate invasive species, and fish habitat improvements. Fishing licence money is also used to fund the Angling Trust to provide information about fishing and to encourage participation in the sport.

You can check local fishing byelaws and get your fishing licence direct from GOV.UK

People are urged to report illegal fishing to the Environment Agency’s incident hotline on 0800 807060, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.